Friday, 18 May 2012

A little bit of Chanel

Today I have a little bit of Chanel goodies for you... I've been meaning to get a Chanel blush for some time... Actually I had my eye on the spring limited edition one, but it was gone before I could get it so I browsed and got this one instead. You know the feeling when you want a specific product, but have to face it's gone, leaving you left with an eager to find a similar product to soothe your pain? Yes, this blush was that exact feeling for me :)

She is called the 68 rose écrin and appears to be my kind of favorite pink, perfect for lighter skin and it smells divine - like roses. It's not a cheap blush but it's not insane expensive either. You do get only 4g of product, with other blushes you get a larger amount but I'm willing to overlook that as long as I love it. Instant crush I guess^^, hope it lives up to my expectations!

Do you have a Chanel blush and what do you think of it? This is actually my first one...


BeautyLoves said...

Ik heb maar een Chanel-blush en dat is die LE van de lentecollectie van dit jaar, en daar ben ik dol op! Van de gewone lijn heb ik nog nooit een blush geprobeerd, al ziet deze er ook best mooi uit.

Evelien said...

Ja he! Die was jammer genoeg al uitverkocht, want ik wou 'm ook graag!

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