Thursday, 23 February 2012

Haul from Paula

Last month I did quite a big Paula's Choice order, because of an additional 15% discount on your entire order. If you check my HG page you'll notice I have already found a few favourites from her products, so I grabbed those & off course a few other things to try out... while we're at it!
2% BHA lotion: I already have the 1% which I'm nearly running out of and it's a really good product but I think I will get better results with this stronger version... I only use it on certain parts of my face every few days and it has performing like I wanted it to.
I already tried the toner once and liked it but found it a bit small (177ml) in comparison to the price you're paying, however, I now bought a spray to go along with it for summer and will see how that goes because I like the product.
Lastly, 2 favourite moisturizers of mine which are the hydrating mask & hydrating cream, which I both use as night cream. This is my 3rd or 4th time purchasing these, great value for its money.
With this winter I'm also noticing my body is in desperate need of more moisture. I do tend to neglect it from time to time when getting out of bath, being lazy and not slapping on a lotion is wrong but I'm trying. I bought the BHA and AHA from her. The BHA because I do get ingrown hair and a few bumps from time to time, which this product claims to solve. And the AHA because I have a few scars that I would like to see gone and what better way is there to it than exfoliating?

More hauls are coming, oh boy, I'm buying too much stuff again :)!


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