Monday, 8 November 2010

Avon haul

Today is my last haul girls, before I start Project X Pan. I decided for myself that I'd better finish some stuff before buying new things, merely for my own conscience. I tend to use a product for a long time and when I nearly run out of it I quit using it just to preserve it. I have a lot of these products, I don't know why I do this but it's time for a change. I'm really curious as to how many of these products I can find scattered around here. But for now let's enjoy my Avon haul, which featured plenty of new stuff...

A new Avon polish called Luxe Lavender, from their limited summer line, I'm fan of pastels. Above a supershock liner in browngold. And 3 lipglosses, they were finally on sale (normally they cost about 10euros which has been holding me off from ordering them): 1 from the intense line with more pigment and 2 from the shine line.

A while back I talked about the disaster of my Avon lipstick, good news, I traded it in and got a new one. Going to be supercarefull with this new one!

A shower crème that I'm going to use as a bubble bath crème, from the Senses line. The scent "Enchanted" is new and they had a circle with the scent on paper, if you go over it with you skin it picks up the scent and I loved it. It reminds me of a rainforest. Also a new brush to use with blowdrying, it was created by some famous guy who I don't know.

The hand creams were on sale for 1,99euros so I picked up a few. The middle ones are new, the ones on the outside I like, otherwise I wouldn't order 2 of them. Reviews of hand creams are coming soon. I value taking care of your hands quite high, as they undergo as much as our face does. Many people neglect them, a pity.

Foot creams were also on sale :), this is the intense night treatment and a pair of bedsocks. I like giving my feet a mask of moisture before going to bed! A review of this is also coming up.


Martje said...

Oeehh more feel good stuff :) I love watching your hauls!

piempernell said...

man, man, wat een bestelling! ;-) Benieuwd naar alle reviews hoor! Mijn pakje kwam vandaag binnen, bedankt!

Ik ben al hopeloos verliefd op de eyeliners, en ben bezig met een nieuwe wishlist :-)

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Wauwie, grote bestelling! Ziet er allemaal fijn uit!

Evelien said...

Thanks Martje, there won't be any new for a few weeks though :) have to cut a bit.

Ja, het was een grote bestelling, nochtans niet zo duur hoor - in vergelijking met de grote merken dan. En inderdaad enkele leuke dingen bij waarover je snel meer zal lezen!!

Piempernell: graag gedaan, fijn dat je ze leuk vindt, misschien bestel ik er ook wel! Ja, de reviews volgen maar ik heb nog zoveel staan wat ik moet reviewen, zie door het bos de bomen soms niet meer. Veel plezier met de nieuwe list, de mijne is bijna af.

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